Position Reports


Latitude Longitude Date / Time (UTC) Depth (m) Speed (kts) Course (°T) Comment
43° 7.042' N 70° 50.357' W 18 Sep 2017 14:53 None None None Dover. Great Bay Marine. Sadly the end of our run. Would have enjoyed one more week. However, Jose has chased us home and we are preparing Meriwether. Learned a few more tricks about living on a 34 ft sailboat for extended periods!!
42° 58.748' N 70° 36.784' W 17 Sep 2017 10:50 None None None Isle of shoals. (One of my favorite places:)!!)Very 'froggy' night however amazingly peaceful. Found a mooring and now resting.
42° 3.168' N 70° 10.526' W 16 Sep 2017 08:05 None None None Provincetown once again! Jose is chasing us up the coast but the weather has been wonderful. We passed from a 'froggy' (new word I heard for fog today)canal to a crystal clear cape cod bay. A little more wind would have made it perfect!
41° 30.725' N 70° 42.29' W 14 Sep 2017 22:40 None None None Hadley harbor. Quiet and peacefully ! Retracing our steps.
41° 28.366' N 70° 45.479' W 12 Sep 2017 21:08 None None None Magical voyage! Left Block at 7am. Traveled up the Vineyard sound and we were totally entertained by a few groups of dolphins who decided to play with the bow of our boat! We also saw quite a few flying fish(they actually look like birds skimming the surface) and a sea turtle! Arrived at tarpaulin Cove at 2:30


Vessel Particulars

Name: Meriwether

Length: 10.0

Draft: 1.5