Shango 2017-

Position Reports

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Latitude Longitude Date / Time (UTC) Depth (m) Speed (kts) Course (°T) Comment
9° 22.035' N 79° 57.049' W 03 Nov 2018 21:38 None None None We have returned from our Panama Canal transit. We had a wonderful time with Rutea. It was a very slow two day transit. Late start both days and we did not finish on second day until 9pm. Rained buckets!The companionship and Ruthie and Neal's cooking made it all worthwhile. The two days with Rutea have got us back in the cruising frame of mind. Looking forward to finishing a few last projects on Shango and then waiting for a weather window.
9° 22.035' N 79° 57.049' W 03 Nov 2018 21:37 None None None Arrived back in Panama on 10/23. We were surveyed for insurance and put back in the water on 10/26. We are now putting things back together and will probably start waiting for a weather window to head North in a week or two. Good friends from Rutea are here and we have been enjoying reminiscing about all our times together in the Pacific. We are going to help them bring their boat through the Panama Canal on 11/1.
9° 22.035' N 79° 57.049' W 26 Mar 2018 12:10 None None None Arrived at Shelter Bay around noon today. Had a terrible 1-2 knot current against us for the last 45 miles....the only negative to an otherwise excellent passage. Shelter Bay is as internationally eclectic as always. 7 sailboats check in each day going through the Canal. Very impressed that they had all our records from our 2010 stay. Will now treat ourselves to a stand up shower and a nice meal at the marina. Tomorrow we'll clear in with customs, put the boat back together, and start to decide what happens next!!
11° 12.53' N 79° 9.67' W 25 Mar 2018 12:55 None None None Great weather continues. Wind has dropped a bit. Wish all passages were like this.Should be in tomorrow morning as planned if all goes well.
13° 30.81' N 78° 16.38' W 24 Mar 2018 12:55 None None None Busy 24 hours. Continued 20-25 knots downwind with seas building. Put in 3rd reef to slow us down even more to allow for an arrival at dawn on Monday morning. At 10 last night the original spring for the latch which holds the wind vane steering paddle in the down/engaged position decided to fracture. Used our autopilot all night and then this morning removed the paddle and fitted the spare spring for the latch. Much upside down gymnastics over the stern to remove and re-install the paddle in big following seas. Fortunately all was successful. Weather continues to be clear, dry, and warm.

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Vessel Particulars

Name: Shango 2017-

Length: 12.3

Draft: 1.6