Shango 2017-

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Latitude Longitude Date / Time (UTC) Depth (m) Speed (kts) Course (°T) Comment
38° 45.098' N 42° 11.926' W 05 Jun 2019 09:30 None None None Finally we are experiencing some cloudiness. The good news though is that the clouds have brought a bit of wind allowing us to sail since midnight last night. We've already saved 8 gallons of fuel! We've started to turn our clocks back an hour every other day or so which will allow us to be adjusted to the Azores time zone, 3 hours before Bermuda and 4 hours before Newburyport. Each clock change lessens someone's shift by an hour and decreases the other two's off shift by an hour. Someone is happy and others are less happy. We're doing well and our routines are well established. Our nemesis, the adverse current, is still present though less severe and will in all likelihood be extending our passage by 1-2 days. Much reading is being done. Yesterday's Distance 120 miles All is well aboard
38° 28.783' N 44° 43.24' W 04 Jun 2019 09:30 None None None Beautiful weather conditions. A windless Bermuda/Azores high. Last night's stars were the best yet. But....have I mentioned adverse current.....we had almost 2.5 knots of adverse current from 3pm yesterday afternoon  until 3am this morning. Jon and Amy got real sick of my whining. The combination of no wind, 2.5 knots of adverse current, and our fuel conserving motoring at 1800rpms had us making less than 3 knots over the ground for this entire 12 hour period. We had our passage's second piece of excitement yesterday. Just before dinner we all heard a loud "whapping" noise from the engine, especially Amy who was down below in the galley. I immediately suspected a severed alternator belt and turned off the engine. Opening the engine compartment this was confirmed. Belt segments and debris removed, engine cleaned up, and new belt installed we were on our way again. Needless to say this exercise did not improve my mood during this period of adverse current. Finally at 3am our northward detour freed us from the worst of the adverse current and we're now motoring in no wind at low rpms at around 5 knots over the ground. Far less whining. We did an actual fuel level reading this morning using my calibrated stick. Although the fuel shifts quite a bit as we roll, the results were encouraging. We seem to be using about .7 gallons per hour at 1800 rpms in flat seas. I had been assuming .85 gallons to be conservative. It continues to look like we might have enough fuel to slowly motor the remaining  632 miles to Flores. Yesterday's Distance 90 miles All is well aboard
37° 51.009' N 46° 27.988' W 03 Jun 2019 09:30 None None None Still enjoying the dry and clear weather. There has been no wind since yesterday afternoon and we have been motoring since it left us. We also have had an adverse current of over a knot since yesterday as well. The combination of no wind and adverse current is heightening our attention on fuel. We have headed north to hopefully escape the adverse current. Hopefully a day off the rhumb line will find us in a neutral current situation. The brownies and the showers were a great success last night as we celebrated our half way mark. Yesterday's Distance 112 miles All is well aboard
37° 29.206' N 48° 45.39' W 02 Jun 2019 09:30 None None None Beautiful weather continues. Unfortunately the wind started to die last night and has continued getting lighter. We started to motor around noon to charge batteries and make water. Not sure what we'll do when those two tasks are complete. We just reached our 1/2 point (835 miles completed) without any motoring so we should be able to motor to Flores if we had to. The gribs indicate that the wind will return on our last day or two next Friday so we should be OK fuel wise but we will be very cautious. Amy's 1/2 way brownie treat is scheduled for today. She has not yet decided on the main meal. Roger's 1/2 way shower will also be a big event for the day. Yesterday's distance 130 miles All is well on board.
36° 54.025' N 51° 19.921' W 01 Jun 2019 09:30 None None None A little overcast today after another beautiful day yesterday. Wind continued in the 15-20+ range all day and night. We finally took the pole down this morning after breakfast and are sailing on a broad reach which should continue until the wind dies tonight. All forecasts still call for very, very light wind beginning tonight and continuing that way till next Friday or Saturday. I still think we'll have just enough fuel to motor the remaining distance, if indeed we have to, which should be between 825 and 900 miles. It will be the longest period of motoring that Shango has ever done. Can't complain too much since we have had wonderful weather and sailing to this point. The crew finds itself talking more and more about the Azores as well as our upcoming post 1/2 way dining extravaganza. Yesterday's distance 155 miles All is well aboard. -- Sent via OCENSMail satellite email service.

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Vessel Particulars

Name: Shango 2017-

Length: 12.3

Draft: 1.6