Shango 2017-

Position Reports

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Latitude Longitude Date / Time (UTC) Depth (m) Speed (kts) Course (°T) Comment
50° 22.168' N 4° 7.947' W 31 Jul 2019 11:45 None None None We spent 2 lovely days at Ince Point doing a couple projects and reading. Given the setting Amy recommended that I read a Daphne duMaurier novel, My Cousin Rachel. Very surprisingly,I got hooked. We are in our first ever locked entry marina here in downtown Plymouth. Given the tides it is quite common in England. We came here to meet up with an English couple whom we met in Falmouth and enjoyed there company. Will, stay a day or two before heading east again
50° 23.165' N 4° 14.539' W 28 Jul 2019 14:03 None None None Ince Point outside Plymouth. A very tranquil setting outside Plymouth. We're anchored in a deep hole on a tidal river that mostly dries at low. Amy wanted a secure spot for the upcoming blow and she sure found one. Fowey was another great stop.Two very nice walks in the countryside and visits to a couple good restaurants.
50° 20.166' N 4° 37.831' W 25 Jul 2019 12:44 None None None Fowey. Home of Kenneth Grahame of Wind in the Willows fame. Many boats just "messing around." Yesterday's Maritime Museum was a bit of a disappointment as Amy thought it might be. Dinner at the Chain Locker made up for it. This morning we had a nice 22 mile beam reach to Fowey. We'll explore town a bit, take a walk or two, and then head further east on Sunday to the more protected river Yealm for the expected blow on Monday
50° 9.268' N 5° 3.767' W 24 Jul 2019 12:38 None None None Falmouth. We returned to Falmouth to go to the National Maritime Museum and to do a bit of shopping before heading down the coast. We really enjoyed yesterday's tour of the Gardens at Trelissick. 200 hundred year's of growth does wonders for a garden and its majestic trees! It is hard to fathom the wealth required to build and maintain a Georgian estate along with hundreds of acres of gardens,woods,and fields. The Copeland family (spode china fame) donated it all to the National Trust in 2003. It was neat to be anchored in their cove just off the river with a lovely view of their home.
50° 12.506' N 5° 2.039' W 23 Jul 2019 12:27 None None None Fal River at the Trelissick Gardens. We came down from the Helford River this morning. As advertised the Helford was a beautiful spot. A very old fishing village surrounded by a huge estate, the Bosahan Estate. The Estate has a "Permissive Path" which allows walkers to pass through it along the river out to the headland. A wonderful walk yesterday. 3 hours of walking was quite a shock to our legs and knees. A beer at the pub on our return helped. We will visit these gardens today and spend the night at this lovely anchorage.

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Vessel Particulars

Name: Shango 2017-

Length: 12.3

Draft: 1.6